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What does Paws & Recover do?


How do I apply for foster care?

Apply here. The more information you are able to supply, including a photo, the better we can match the right carer / service for your pet. As we are unique and very popular, we frequently encounter a waiting list.

What else do I need to know?

All care is dependent on availability of volunteers and carers. Our needs for volunteers are posted onto our Facebook and Instagram page and from there anyone who can help can reply to us as shown on each post, usually by email. As the process takes time due to finding a volunteer, you need to apply as soon as you can.


Paws and Recover is entirely volunteer run and consistently busy with many people requesting assistance. As such, although we always aim to help as many people and animals as possible, we may have limitations and acceptance is at Paws and Recover's discretion.  

Through a network of volunteers Paws and Recover offers practical help such as dog walking, respite pet care through fostering in a home environment, transporting pets to the vet and support in assisting people care for their pets in times of crisis. This makes us a unique service.

How much will it cost?

We do charge a nominal boarding fee. The money is used to pay for necessary vet work on foster animals. Owners are still responsible for any veterinary bills but are able to pay it back, no interest.


Who can use this service?

The service is available to those who are unable to care for their pet. Situations may include people who have been hospitalised, escaping domestic violence,  have a disability, aged or frail. ​ Services offered are dependent on availability of volunteers and the ability for Paws and Recover to intake the animal. We are a very busy volunteer service!

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