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Paws and Recover offer the services of short term foster care, dog walking, dog transport, in-home feeding and any other help for those who are unable to look after their pet as a result of an illness, fall and many other crisis situations.

The success of this relies on a good foundation of volunteers who have a love and passion to help animals and their owners.

We place requests for help onto our Facebook and Instagram pages. Keep an eye on our pages to see where you can help!

Have a look below at some of the options and forms below.

Foster care.

Foster care is when you take care of a pet in your own home until their owner can get back on their feet. Care is usually for under 12 weeks. We usually get requests for help for dogs and cats, but sometimes we need care for other animals too. We will guide you through each process. You can send us questions any time through email.



This is often to a foster carers house or to a vet. Transport is so essential to get the help and care an animal needs, and whenever someone puts their hands up to transport it is always welcomed with a sigh of relief!



Dog walking.

We often need regular dog walkers. Dogs need walking – and some need lots of walking! Some owners cannot walk their pups, and other dogs need more walking than a foster carer can provide.

Volunteering at stalls.

Passionate about animals and owners in need? We receive no government support, nor ongoing help. All our funds come from volunteer efforts. These dedicated volunteers help out at stalls to sell raffle tickets, hand out goodie bags, sell products, and spread the word. We put up calls for help on our Facebook page and also keep a database of people that are willing to help with stalls. If that sounds like you, please keep an eye on our Facebook or email us at pawsandrecover@gmail.com.

Specialist skills.

We are always seeking people who have special skills such as photography, bookkeeping skills, website management, Photoshop/photo manipulation skills, administration skills…anything you think you can bring to the table, please email us!


As we receive no funding, we are entirely reliant on the community. Every animal we receive in care requires financial assistance to get them help. We do not want situations whereby an animal and owner cannot get the help they need because there is not enough financial assistance to get them care. This is a situation we do encounter. We also receive situations where we have to work hard to cover financial costs to keep an animal healthy and happy. Every donation we receive we get an instant notification and it is greeted with such joy. Please, if you can donate anything, it will be gratefully received and go immediately to an animal.

Paws and Recover Community Account BSB 032 036  ACC 279660

EVERYONE can do.

SHARE OUR POSTS!! We need more people aware of Paws and Recover, and aware of the cases we have. The more people who know, the more people we can help. We are strong believers that animals should never be forgotten in times of crisis, and that people need their pets to remain with them throughout their difficult life journey. We need this message shared, and we always need more volunteers. Please share the word.

Paws and Recover is a team effort, and our community is what makes us what we are. Every person can help a human and every person can help an animal. You can too.