Donations save lives

Paws and Recover receives no government funding. We are entirely supported by the community.

Our volunteers tirelessly fundraise and spend their own finances on ensuring that animals are cared for. 

Owners, by the nature of crisis, do not typically have the funds to spend on the care that animals require. Frequently we receive animals that require veterinary care, nourishment and extra special attention. Sometimes we receive animals into our care that are very sick and require urgent attention. This can be very expensive, sometimes into the thousands.

In addition, day to day running of Paws and Recover such as transport adds a further burden.

No dollar is wasted, and every single animal deserves a chance at comfort, life and love.

Please consider donating to us via Paypal or direct deposit.

Consider joining our
$1 a week campaign.
One dollar can be all
it takes to help

"I always thought

someone should do

something about that...

then I realised

I am that someone."

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Please note fees are taken from donations when donated through Paypal and Credit Card.

Paws and Recover (Westpac)
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Account Number - 279660