Fostering an animal

Paws and Recover does not have physical premises, but instead entirely relies on a network of volunteers which include our foster carers.

We accept all companion animals which are most commonly dogs and cats, but do get birds, ferrets, reptiles etc.

Fostering means that you take an animal into your home for care until the owners crisis has resolved and they can take their beloved pet home. Crisis may be be related to health, domestic violence or homelessness.


Our ethos is that you will treat that animal like your own - love, safety, patience and attention.

When an animal is needing care, we discuss the case with the potential foster carer (including estimated care time required) and see how it feels for everyone.

When worries come up, you can speak to your allocated foster co-ordinator. We provide support that you need, and vet bills are not your responsibility.

The animals that come in to Paws and Recover are unique as they could have come from a situation that was terrifying or worrying for the animal. Our foster carers are extra special people as they need to be patient, gentle and intuitive.

Once you have filled out the application form, you will be contacted when an animal may suit your household. Also keep an eye on Facebook to see if any animal pops up that may suit your household, or a volunteering opportunity.

For any questions, please contact us on

"It is amazing each time to see the transformation of an animal that I can tell experienced abuse and fear, and then it becomes my second shadow. That tail wagging for the first time is magical" -K

When J first came in my home he slept for 2 days straight. I think he knew it was safe off the streets now and he could close his eyes. He was so well behaved and funny. I could tell he is so well loved that going back to his dad would have been amazing. It's scary to think what would have happened if I couldn't take him in. - G
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