Applications for Care

Urgent applications from professionals (ie. social workers and nurses) please email direct to to discuss the case.
Application for care:

We use a network of volunteers to assist animals and their owners in time of need. We have limited resources but we will do our best to assist each animal and their owner. Please be aware that there can be a 1- or 2-day response time as there are limited administration volunteers and many requests for help.

Initial criteria:

  • There are no other options for animal care

  • The owner is experiencing a crisis such as illness

  • Care is to be under 2 months but will be assessed month by month

  • A dog is not a declared dangerous or nuisance dog

  • A cat or dog is desexed and microchipped. If the animal is not desexed or microchipped, it will be desexed and microchipped at owners own cost with an upfront payment of at least 50%

IMPORTANT NOTE: We DO NOT place human names or specific identifying features onto our posts. If you or your animal are in danger by being identified, please tell us so we can work with you to ensure safety.

If you have any queries or worries, please do not hesitate to contact us.